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 Handcrafts' very own team of quilters are working to arrange, piece, hand-quilt and bind it all together, eventually forming the stunning piece that hangs in the shop today, for the next quilt drawing in December.

If you'd like a chance to own this treasure, come by the shop and purchase raffle tickets and you could be the lucky winner!

Next drawing is July 2024

$2.00 a chance or 3 for $5.00

Our beautiful quilt has been won by Emily R and her daughter!

Twice a year our artisans make a special "lucky drawing" quilt, and twice a year a lucky person wins one of these treasures! Drawings are held in early July and mid December. Quilted by hand, these quilts are exquisite works of art and are prominently and proudly displayed at Handcrafts Unlimited. Tickets for these beauties are available for purchase at Handcrafts Unlimited year-round, and also at the annual Georgetown Quilt Show. 

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