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​ Quilt Show 2019 Results

Best Of Show

Debbie Pauley  Garden Party

Challenge Block
1st  Deanna Campbell  Encircled Rose
2nd  Bernice Rahl  Papercut Hearts
3rd  Opal Strickland  Sweetheart Roses

Antique Quilts
1st  Helen Klenz  Wedding Ring
2nd  Carl Tyson  Carl’s Morning Glories
3rd  Edith Pratt  Crazy Quilt
3rd  Jean Greene

Crib/Children’s Quilt
1st  Betty Dvorak  Peek-A-Boo
2nd  Connee Bletzinger  I Love Dirt

Small Hand Quilted
1st  Kathryn Lennier  Cats
2nd  Connee Bletzinger  Aunt Grace: First Place
3rd  Carol Fish  Lyn’s Flowers

Large Hand Quilted
1st  JB Johnson  Stars and Stars
2nd  Lillian Naizer  Savannah’s Boots

Large Pieced Quilt
1st  Debby Eades  All About Christmas
2nd  Betty Hammett  Lightning Bolt
3rd  St. John UMC  Log Cabin

Small Pieced Quilt
1st  Elaine Austin  Disco Dots
2nd  Pamela Hayes  My Fine Feathers
3rd  Janis Keene  Miss Annie

Large Applique Quilt
1st  Connee Bletzinger  The Poppy Grove
2nd  Nancy Rapinski  Emma’s Big Girl Quilt
3rd  Pamela Hayes  Simple Gifts

Machine Quilted
1st  Anna Fell  Dogs in Sweaters
1st  Kathryn Lennier  Gypsy Wife
2nd  Nancy Dirks  Peacock Garden
3rd  Judy Manninen  Square Dance in Opryland

Small Applique Quilt
1st  Martha Jones  Message in a Bottle
2nd  Nancy Dirkes  Roadrunner
3rd  Gwen Bundy  Walking in the Rain

Miniature Quilt
1st  Mary Forbes  Little Red Eight
2nd  Bernice Rahl  Little Red Riding Hood
2nd  Connee Bletzinger  Nana’s Flower Patch
3rd  Connee Bletzinger  Boston in Bloom

Multi-Generational Antique Quilt
1st  Kevin Tanner  Red Poppy on Field of White
2nd  Bernice Rahl  Crazy Quilt
3rd  Kevin Tanner  1890 Flower Basket

Art & Modern Quilt
1st  Judy Manninen  Potpourri (Miss Paisley)
2nd  Mary Kortegast  Geraldine
3rd  Martha Jones  Kaleidoscope Crazy
3rd  Kathryn Lennier  Texas Blue Bonnets

Special Techniques
1st  Mary Jean Thorp  Motion
2nd  Nancy Rapinkski  Nancy’s Dresden Garden
3rd  Kathryn Lennier  Hearts ‘N Roses
3rd  Diana Crossley  Life’a A Hootparagraph here.